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blogging friends.  I have had a very hectic week.  Mya had a migraine all last week, then a eye appointment with her specialist. Came home from the appt.  and went to a birthday part and then I came home to Laken throwing up.  Then I got sick and now Bill is sick.

I thought Mya’s migraines that she has been getting were coming from her vision, but her doctor told me to go to the peds and bring it up.  Well last night Mya was showing signs of an ear infection and so today I had to take her to be checked.  SURE enought an ear infection it was.  I mentioned her migraines and they said it isnt uncommon for the migraines to start at her age:(  I guess she will take after me.  I just need to find out what is triggering them.  My poor GIRL